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Our touristic furnished houses (what we call "Suites")is the product of people dedicated to history and tradition and they are created to host those who appreciate true beauty.


The rooms reflect the genuine cycladic spirit of Kimolos. The sea, the strong sunlight and the colours create a magical islander atmosphere that makes you forget and live far from the big city's problems of everyday life.


Our location is situated in a small island in Southwestern Cyclades, Kimolos. You may visit the island easily through Piraeus port, the nearby Milos Island, or through sea lines connecting the island to the rest of Greece.


Have you ever heard people talking for the popular Greek hospitality? Wait until you meet the people in the island. Here, our visitors become members of the family.

We can organise your weddings or baptisms at the family owned church of "Zoodohou Pigis" (Hrisopigi). This Byzantine church of the 16th century  is located right behind our premises. You may organise your ceremony during the following dates: 1/May-30/June and 10/Sept-30/Sept.

Mezzo Lovero

Dear guests,

I would like to mention in a few words how to spell and where did the name of the hotel come from.

Mezzo Lovero is old naval terminology and means half height of the sail at the boat, where the captain choose this arrangement of the sail depending on the load cargo and the weather conditions. This nautical term Mezzo Lovero was found in the records of my grandfather captain Andreas Leonardos Kantsos and his brother captain Ioannis Leonardos Kantsos.

For the story, Kantsos family owned several cargo sailing boats since 1750, transporting goods to Greece and Italy. You can see a lot of sailing boats at the paintings or models which adorn the rooms of the hotel.

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